boda and bomah

Thankful for another radical weekend here in Gulu. We woke up saturday morning and headed to Gulu High school where our ladies from KKU had a futbol (still want to call is soccer) match against the ladies from 31 BITS. I'll hopefully get around to posting those photos soon. It was such a fun game to cheer on and be a part of. Our ladies took the trophy home for the second consecutive year (booyah) and we were all so proud of them. After the game we all headed to Bomah, a local hotel, for some pool time. It cost 10000 shillings (4 bucks) to go swim there and they have a really nice set up - towels, $1 sodas, french fries, lounge chairs - not bad. The whole crew of ex-pats came to the pool (seriously about 20 of us) and we had a blast all relaxing and catching up on our busy work weeks. I finally brought my gopro on a boda ride and got a few weird looks from the locals like "what is that contraption youre holding" but so worth it for you all to see what life using a boda as our main form of transportation is like. Also, we're developing a very ugandan skill which is "calling" a boda. Something I would compare to a New Yorker grabbing a cab. Its an extremely subtle eye movement towards the direction of a boda driver that tells them you need a ride. We've been practicing this skill and will report back once we've mastered it. haha.

also, yesterday we went to a local recreation park and saw the impossible happen - 5 MEN ON A BODA. seriously insane. It was hilarious and probably one of the greatest things i've ever seen.

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