KKU vs 31 BITS

Our ladies faced off against the ladies who work at 31 BITS for an epic futbol match on the pitch! (I sound super acholi now. that or british. futbol? pitch?) We woke up saturday morning, gathered our posters, put on our KK gear, and walked to Gulu high school. There was quite the turnout of fans. Between all the women who came and didnt want to play, to all our ex-pat friends, to kids from the neighbor hood that heard the yelling and came running to watch, it was quite the community event!

After the match, the women faced off in another event - traditional dancing. We all gathered under the trees as they performed their high energy dance. It was awesome to see the women in their element, doing a dance they've all grown up doing. The 31 BITS ladies won the dance part of the competition, but we're still stoked on the futbol win! 

I feel super blessed to be seeing this side of Krochet Kids. Back home I knew the company as a rad beanie making machine that helped ladies in Uganda. But now, i'm seeing the many layers of relationships that have built the foundation of Krochet Kids over the years. Its incredible, really. I love seeing these women flourish and live to their fullest potential in all aspects of their life, especially outside the compound. 

the gang's all here! Ben, Lucas, Travis, Charissa, Sydney, and Maddy
how these women carry things on their head i have no idea! neither does Lucas
the team!
we had some fun making the posters

Irene was the best cheerleader I have ever seen hahaha she was SO into it! 
celebrating our 4-1 victory 
the crowd assembling for the dance portion
group leader Christine. This lady is so hilarious! 

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  1. How fun! This is so cool how it's not only work but also play, building team and camaraderie.