three really good videos and a Korean boy band...

yes, you heard me, three really good videos and a Korean boy band.
lets start with the only gum commercial to make you cry

is this not a quick recap of the past 21 years of my life? hahaha.
 just that moment when the box drops...WAHHHHHHH. 

Despite the fact that this is a beer commercial (?) Guinness still pulled off something
remarkable. In ONE minute they make you cry...make you want to be with your closest
friends...and make you want to be a better friend to those around you

LINSANITY. This trailer definitely made me cry. Its epic. Its his story...and the fact that 
so many of my friends and I have felt what he went through...and he is a role model
no doubt. Praise God! 

but first...I will admit that I payed $13 to watch the One Direction movie and enjoyed the whole
thing haha...and then I found out about this Korean boy band who can actually dance and sing
and I have no idea what they are saying but there is a good beat in there somewhere and I am 
also just fascinated by their hair. YAY EXO!
also...there are a lot of them because 6 sing in Korean and the other 6 do the chinese version 
of the same songs. 

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