new phone!

so i've been living in the land of the iphone 4 for the past few years now...and I finally got to
upgrade to the newest iphone! I didnt really need a new phone, I think we can all agree that the iphone
craze has gone a little too crazy...but I will say the camera quality is great and the slo motion video
is SO RAD!! Today Hunter wanted to have a picnic because he saw it on Daniel Tiger (tv show)
so we headed outside to put the new iphone to use. 

 one of those photos that is just too perfect...notice the bush behind his head giving his a green fro! LOL!
This isnt the slo mo....this is just hunter being so cute playing
bball with me! hahaha...making him into a baller!

***wait...still trying to figure out how to let you actually watch this video...hahaha..
hold that thought...i'll work on it...for now enjoy these little moving photos or GIF's as the internet calls them***

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