a few photos of my life recently...
Dad took me to the season opener for the Trojans...sadly they played horribly and lost to
Washington State, but we did enjoy the mediterranean food and fresh lemonade! haha.
I love going to sporting events with Dad. Even if the team sucks (ahem, Lakers) 

Kimi's birthday was on Monday and I headed to APU for the day to celebrate with her.
It was such a full and fun day. I love that place. Love those people. I was blessed
enough to run into a lot of friends and got a few weird looks like... didnt you graduate?? haha
I've been spending a lot of time with the little man. He's hilarious and wild and the smartest
2yr old out there. We're making progress in our relationship, he used to hate me and run away 
probably my fault because I would always pretend to be a monster chasing him...but now we're 
friends and he even lets me dako (carry) him. yay! 
 One of the best hang out's Hunter and I had was at G&G's house last week. 
oh and then we took Hunty to the lululemon sale in downtown and he was such a 
rockstar as we waited in line for 4 hrs -_____ - haha poor kid. He was well admired by all the 
ladies in line though... "he is sooooo cute" 

baby Lenya is coming!!! shes coming!! yayayyyy...this was a collaborative work by
myself (doodle) Andy (color, the rest of the font design, printing), and Karin (hand making
all of those adorable pouches) and now we're counting down the days till her baby shower!
D just got back from Peru today...he was on the TOMS giving trip!! Good to have him back,
and it's always inspiring to be in the international terminal...travel bug is coming back to bite me! 

....up next....
-find a job
-Perspectives class starts Monday
-Katelyn's bachelorette weekend
-baby len len's shower
-katelyn and brad get married!!!!!!

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