a new perspective.

Yesterday the girls all met up for dinner while Ali and Asami were in town from SF and before Yoko leaves for a two month trip to Japan! We went to one of the classic spots, rooftop in Hermosa to watch the sunset. I love this place in life we are at. Some of us college graduates, some of us still have a few years to go, but we're becoming adults. We're growing up and it's weird and scary but also so much fun. We can have a nice dinner out at hermosa, we can plan trips together, we can host a garage sale, its a fun place to be in life because we're stepping into those shoes of adulthood and realizing what really important. We're gaining a new perspective. We're starting to see the people that will be around forever, and the things that we need to let go of. Its a cool, very formative, place to be in. And..personally for me I'm taking this literally and taking "Perspectives" a class that GVBC is hosting that runs from sept-January! Its on the World Christian Movement and I am so pumped to gain wisdom from some incredible speakers and missionaries who are in the battle field for Christ. There is so much ahead and so much to look forward to. Thank you Lord! (also thank you Lord for allowing us to live in such a beautiful place. The beach just gets me every time)

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