Things that are happening right now that I don't want to forget

-Anneke's two sisters came from Chicago and stayed with us for the weekend! We had so much fun with them and they'll be back in a few months for grad.
-We didnt have 'Sunday Somethings' this week (our roommate meeting) because we were all running around...but we had Monday Somethings after senior chapel! We celebrated Katelyn's new job at classic coffee, drank sparkling cider and made a list of all the people who are visiting the nest over these next few months!
-Today was common day of learning (a day off of classes to attend seminars) and a few of the roommies walked down a few blocks to grab Classic Coffee..the place Katelyn just got hired at! We love living two blocks away from a coffee shop
-Right now Anna is sick, which is a bummer but that means she is home more! Anna is a busy lady...so its good to see her relaxing and being home :)
-Went to the basketball game on Saturday..and yesterday...i love watching our team. Saturday was the best apu bball game i've ever been to...down with 3 with 7 seconds left and our senior shooting guard gets hit shooting a three and makes 3 free throws to take us to O.T. AHHH!!
-two months left before we graduate (Crazy) soaking in every moment of being here!
-I love my roommates so much. oh so much.


  1. Walking to classic coffee sounds the best. Wish I could join sissy. Document as much rommie stuff for the next 2 months! Enjoy!

  2. your picture posts are morrrrrre exciting now since I can actually remember the familiar faces! ahhaha