26.2 on ST. PATTY'S DAY

Yesterday we drove to the LA marathon to support my roommate Anna and our two friends Kelsey and Kamee. We dropped the girls off at 5AM (yes, 5 am!) at the Dodger Stadium and then headed to the finish line to wait for their arrival!
We arrived at Samo eaarrrlyyyy (6am) and roamed the empty streets in search of food (aka mcdonalds egg mcmuffin!!) then put the seats down in the car to chill for a while before the first finishers crossed.
Kamee's parents came to watch the race with us and we all headed to the finish at around 9:30 to wait for the girls to cross...the first lady to finish the marathon ran it in 2hours and 20 minute- WHAT. 

MY ROOMMATE IS A ROCKSTAR!! This is her about 100 feet from the finish line...at this point her foot was hurting her real bad and she had been running for hours - but with Anna's attitude you would have guessed she was on a brisk 2 mile stroll! She is an allstar - really!!

 we loved watching her run!

After hanging out in santa monica all morning...we were all hungry and extremely tired...so what better way to end the day than with a real Irish meal! Lucky for us, our friend Margaret is 100% Irish and whipped up the most amazing Irish meal. We invited some friends over and enjoyed water dyed green, shepherd's pie, irish music, and good company.

 Cheers to the Irish! 
 Freshly made bread with butter and honey, shepherd's pie, and potato cakes!!
We GRUBBED and talked about family traditions and holidays we love...it was such a day well spent...cheering them on at the marathon then heading home to a warm delicious meal around the table. 

so blessed. so so blessed. 

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  1. your friend looks too happy after the marathon! haha musta been tooooo easy for her! loll