It has been a while since i've posted more photos from VIETNAM//THAILAND...the semester is in full swing and i've been wanting to spend more time sorting through all my photos but there is not much time in the week to do so! BUT...here are a few shots from around the city in Bangkok.

I loved Thailand...it was just the four of us (Russ, D, Jen and myself) roaming around the hot city trying to find our way around a country of people speaking Thai and selling really cheap t-shirts. Lucky for us we stumble upon a few gems on our journey...here we go! 

 PEPPER LUNCH!!! THE BEST THE BEST. A Japanese restaurant chain found its way to Bangkok and we at it 2x while we were there? 
 It was so good that D had to get two orders. hahaha 
 Bangkok has some of the nicest malls I have ever been to. This is my DREAM camera bag!
 Christmas tree made out of recycled water bottles!
 Our hotel was a 10 minute walk from MBK..aka the biggest mall EVER. 
Next to the river taxi
 Russ found this cart where this guy was making some pastry...
 he said it was bomb!
 street food for DAYSSS
 Another one of our favorite spots..MISTER DONUT! The donuts were so fluffy..yummm
 the photos are a bit out of order...but this is waiting for our delayed flight to Bangkok..i think
 airport...rushing to our flight!
Thai is the craziest looking language! 
 once again, a bit out of order...but this is the suit shop Russ and D were so excited to go to. Custom suits made perfectly. It was such a victory to find it hidden in the middle of Bangkok! 
 China town
 GROSS!!!! We had to try it though. 
 Thai iced tea for $1 
 visiting the golden Buddha...modest is hottest! 

The city was awesome. There were a few moments of tension between the siblings...mostly when we were trying to navigate around the city and we were all hungry and tired hahaa. But we survived...and visiting Bangkok will be something I will never forget! 

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  1. Have enjoyed reading about and seeing pics of your trip. What great memories you made with Russ, Jen, Hunter, and Darrin.

    We spent time in Bangkok in 2006 (celebrated Christmas there!) as part of our YWAM outreach ~ was overwhelmed by that mall, but moreso by the warmth and beauty of the Thai people.