photos are beautiful

My grandpa used to send me emails of awe-inspiring photographs. The ones that are almost too beautiful to believe, or too shocking to ignore. The ones of a hummingbird, caught in the millisecond that its wings are slow enough to be seen by a lens. The ones of incredible clouds peering over untouched mountain tops. The ones of a thousand kids lined up for bowls of rice in the dusty grounds of Kenya. I loved getting those email from him. Those photos are beautiful. They inspire me... and remind me of all the stunning things in this world. They inspire me because of the reality they pursue, the stories the tell, the colors they share, and the beauty they behold. Photos are beautiful. 

Thanks to NY Times...here are some of my current favorites from around the world:

 Berlin, Germany (by Markus Schreiber) 
 Philippines (by Bullit Marquez)
 LA marathon (by Jay Clendenin)
 Jakarta, Indonesia (Tatan Syuflana)
 Ostersund, Sweden (by Jonathan Nackstrand)
 Tokyo, Japan (by Kimimasa Mayama)
Vatican City, Rome
 Karachi, Pakistan (by Asif Hassan)
Birmingham, England (by Oli Scarff) 

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