real life.

I'm taking a class titled: Religious Development of Israel.
My professor has a rat tail (yes, a small pony tail that sits on the back of his head)
and has studied archaeology for the past decade or so. no big deal
There are only 15 people in our class - all Biblical studies majors.

Today we had an assignment. Respond to a forum posted online.
I'd like to let you all in on the world I am currently immersed in.

get ready...
here is the question our professor asked us to respond to:

"Whether or not you agree with the presuppositions of source criticism as discussed by Hess, do you feel that a view which regards the Pentateuch as a composite work (i.e. a complex integration of Mosaic and non-Mosaic material involving varying degrees of editing and re-working by Israelite theologians) is problematic theologically as far as the Bible's historical reliability is concerned and its "truth" value (theological relevance) as a 21st century evangelical Christian?"

Did you get that? riiiiighhhhht. 

real life. 


  1. I think Jesus will have to answer that when we get to heaven...sheesh!
    My paper would have a big huge "HUH?" on it!
    Good thing your brain is still young and pliable!

  2. OMG! HUH?!?!does not begin to do it justice? I trust that the Good Lord will help you to discern what the question is asking, and to answer it wisely.

  3. Is this a YES or NO question?!?! :)

  4. i should pass that on to trevor...he would eat it up. he loves that kind of confusing deep theological stuff!