a bit.

I'm back at school, and getting my mind ready to be back on the grind (aka five classes, a load of reading to catch up on, and a long check-list of projects to get done.) But thank the GOOD LORD for this past weekend. 
On my drive home, I realized how full my heart really was (and is). 
My heart is full because of the honest love I feel when I am around my family, the way Hunty waddles around the park playground, the look on my sissy's face as she married her best friend, the poem Auntie Shizu recited to me "..but only God can make a tree", the real life tears that flowed out of a lot of us this past weekend, and all of the exciting things the Lord has stacked up for our family.

Man. My heart really is full. 
Full of the Lord's blessings and thats a fullness that is real, that is satisfying, and that is a gift. 

So thank you Jesus. For the beautiful flowers you create, for the children you put in our lives, for friends we've had our whole lives, for new ones, for weddings, for cakes, for college, and for loving us as your children and PROVIDING ALWAYS!