A bit of my life lately. 
-We had a housewarming party last week. It was so fun to bake a bunch of cookies, clean the whole house, and give all of our friends "tours" of our new place. You should have seen the faces of our friends when they walked in and said, "WHOAA this really is a home!" 
-We had a spaghetti dinner this weekend courtesy of my lovely roommate Anna. She cooked for all of us...and our good friend Colton came over with his younger sister Ressie (who is a freshman here. we're taking her in under our wings) Then we got foster freeze. of course. 
-Being a senior on campus is weird. I see all of these new faces around...and I cant believe we're the oldest! But..being a senior has so many perks. Most of our friends are very involved on campus...my roommate Megan leads worship at chapel and saved us all seats this morning. oops sorry freshies. 
-The Lord is doing insane things on campus this year. Last night we had "The Gathering" which is a worship sesh at a nearby church led by APU students (most of our good friends) and it was unreal. We just had so much space to be with the Lord in freedom. People were on the ground, dancing around, praying, it was the best way to start the week.
-ohh...thats right. classes. That's what i'm here for right?? hahaha. My classes this semester are going to be some of the best i've ever had. I just got back from my History of Modern Art class that I am STOKED about. my professor is hilarious, so passionate about art and museums, and I have like 5 friends in that class! I'm also taking Religious Development of Israel..which I am completely nervous for...but so ready to learn everything about the Ancient Near East and the people that lived during Jesus' time. 

anyway...thats a lot to say. I also just watched the first season of breaking bad with my roommates. Russ has been trying to convince me for a year now and it's finally happening. I'm not a tv show person really...but this ones pretty darn good. 

well as you can tell...i'm far from bored. haha. Just really so thankful to be here at this school with the people God has surrounded me with. Its going to be the best year of my life thus far!!!


  1. yesssss! breaking bad!! good stuff.
    i still wanna come check out your plaace! looks siick!