a day on the lake.

lakes are weird.
growing up by the ocean, its an odd feeling to be in a body of water in which you dont float...your hair actually feels smooth when you exit the water and your mouth had no taste of salt in it. 
This weekend a group of us headed up to Bass Lake to visit a couple of friends who are studying at our school's High Sierra program. It was a ridiculous good weekend. Eating pancakes, hiking to a waterfall, jumping in the lake, kayaking, going back to camp for a bbq, square dancing...and then ending the night with a worship sesh on top of glass rock overlooking the lake. Ideal. 
Being in the forest is refreshing. 
thank you Lord for a weekend tucked away between all your trees and under all your bright stars. 


  1. love this weekend, and already wishing i was back there. so great to see you ladies! beautiful pictures. i need one of those underwater dealios myself!