lets go back..wayyyyy back.

While helping mom and dad put away the many boxes of Christmas decorations this morning, I stumbled upon a gem. Well, a few gems. To me, things that are priceless are gems. Things you cannot buy from a store, order online, or strategically plan out. Gems just happen. and they are beautiful.

in this case, mom said, "move that Tupperware back there"...after reaching to move it out of the way what do I find? ....It full of old OLD pictures! hahaha. you can imagine my excitement. so here we go...wayyy back... 

this ones just to get you warmed up. Me and Kyle, age like what..5? When we were cute
circa 1996 or somethin.
now get ready...

This one was my favorite. mostly because when I showed dad he laughed and said, "you know 
I taped my hand to the ball in that picture" hahaha. typical Kento.
circa 1969

 love this one too. mostly because dad was probably standing on a ladder pretending to be cool.
 Also because I can tell this is at Grandma and Grandpas house. 
circa 1969

 Moms turn now. My favorite parts of this photo are Nana's really awesome dress that I wish was still in style these days...
and uncle Mark's hair. hahahah. Classic Hirano family photo. 
not sure the year.
 I laughed when I saw this because I thought that was D with Grandma and Gramps, but no...its Dad. haha. 
man, there is something so cool about old photos that you just cant get now days. 
I wish I had a camera that could take photos like this one. something about it....so rad.
I call this one- teen Kento swagg. 
the jacket, the glasses...the side part..hahah too good dad. 
this one is a classic. black and white. Grandma looks straight out of Mad Men, Dad looks scared, Grandpa looks like a G. 

sighh...I wanted to spend all day digging through the rest of our garage looking for old pictures, 
but it think that will have to wait until next time im home.
I read somewhere once that photographers 'freeze time'. They are able to capture a moment that will never happen again.
 and that is beautiful. priceless. a gem. 


  1. Love old pics! Ahhhh...you & Kyle are adorable! Not sure anyone gave you permission to post the old school Hirano family photo - ha...memories :)

  2. See what can happen when you clean?

  3. See what can happen when you clean?