Here we go people. last semester of Junior year is underway (although my only class today
was canceled. but you know what I mean) It's crazy/surreal/weird to be headed towards my last
year of college...whoaaaa. Man. Today in chapel I was just overjoyed looking out at the sea of 
people...my classmates and friends. So I was getting all sentimental and started looking at a few pictures
so for starters..here's one from each semester of school. 

party on people. 

move in day. weeeeird. At this point in life I was tan (fresh outta summa) and SO stoked
to be moving into a dorm. I had a laptop, a roommate and an I <3 APU shirt. I was ready to 
go...and had NO IDEA what was ahead of me.. oyyy! 
second semester freshman year. Found these chicks (they were all on my hall)
and started figuring out my way around campus. We look like such babies here!

sophomore year...finally in the apartments! moved in with my buds Cat, Abs and Morgs...
and found that gem of a table for 10 bucks at a garage sale. This was our first night all together
and morgann made us dinner...yummmmmm. 
the last night of sophomore year. the last night all the rommies would be together! 
Abbies hair is short, Cat was getting ready to be married, Morgann and I were on our way to
become RA's...and we were all so weird together. We moved our mattresses out to the
living room so we could all sleep together our last night in our apt. 
First semester of Junior year (although this picture was technically from a few nights ago)
BEST SEMESTER EVER! Although the past four have been ridiculously fun as well...this
past semester takes the cake. This picture is from the RD fashion show...where we dressed up Kelly 
and Chaili as the house from the movie UP. pretty good huh! we were so proud.

blessed to be at this school. blessed to be meeting people. blessed to be growing!

heres to THREE (weird) more semesters of C O L L E G E 


  1. Ummm, I believe you're finished five semesters total, so that comment should have been "the past four" have been ridiculously fun, as well. Unless of course, one semester didn't qualify as fun.
    So glad you're enjoying college!

  2. Play hard, study hard. Yep, you're doing a great job of making your college years memorable. Keep it up!