best day.

Friday was the best day. 
nothing drastic happened. 
just small bits of greatness. 
let me explain.

1. started off the day right. at the water
surf sesh with Natijane. broke in my new wetsuit..dream!
 nice and salty
 2. NOM NOM. was wicked hungry after being in the water. 
grubbed at ALTA coffee shop. homemade bread, veggie omelet...and POTATOES!!
 3. back from the beach. went to ASL class and came back to the apt
with residents playing outside in the sun. I also got a free donut. YES. 
 4. DRIVE IN MOVIE! (yes, this is still Friday) Next week we're having
a GYRAD (get your roommate a date) event at the Chino hills drive in...so our staff
went last night to scope the place out and get our plan down (also used it as an excuse
to just hang out..haha) It was so cozy and SO fun!!

5. not to mention, before the drive in we all ate at chick-fil-a
their milkshakes are insanely good. 

6. came back to UP and was on "rounds" with Todd. 
had a blast hanging out in the Raffice (RA-office) with our staff
talking about anything and everything.

thank you Jesus!!!!


  1. ahhh sounds sooo funnnnnn! share the fun!!

  2. That DOES NOT look like you on the unicycle.............

  3. Please tell me I'm not responsible if one of your residence falls off the skate board or the unicycle!!

  4. has anyone over there succeeded at the unicycle yet? i think emi would be up for unicycle tutoring as a part time job ;)