Thanksgiving picture bomb.

AHHH! I love THANKSGIVING! Might be my favorite holiday.
I think what makes thanksgiving so great is that no one has to buy gifts and it's just the perfect break in between the chaos of school work. This thanksgiving was so FULL. full of basketball. full of food. full of family visiting. full of baby Hunter. full of love. grace. thankfulness. blessings.

Needless to say I am incredibly thankful. 
Came home Wednesday and spend the day practicing skateboarding (more on that later), taking pictures with Nomes and Dress, then played some basketball at Church with Dad. Thursday we ran in the morning with the sib (more on this later, also) then spent the rest of the day relaxing, watching football, and eating. Well, here are a BUNCH of pictures from Thanksgiving day. WOOO!!!...

Mom's giant bowl of trailmix. Made to be eaten before Thanksgiving feast, to help you digest and stuff?? 
HES SO BIG ALREADY! slow down hunty!!!
This is his "auntie are you kidding me??" face
Hunty loves his Nana
Thank you Grandma!
Grandma Komae made this awesome blanket for me for my birthday.
She's been working on it for a while now..and I was so excited to finally get it!
that woman is good at what she does. skilllzz
Dad was in charge of the centerpieces. I say he did a fair job.

Fruit, nuts, mochi balls (a favorite), shrimp stuffed won tons...appetizers! 
Uncle Daisup, Grandma, Gpa, and Ant
nothing beats indoor basketball
Hunter and his Great grandpa.
Giving thanks
There was about 25 of us at dinner. SO MUCH LOVE!
this meal rocked my socks.
the aftermath. rough
kids will be kids
Also celebrating Uncle Daisups birthday which is one day before mine! 

Auntie Jill made the best pumpkin pie. The turkey was great. The Hans were finally with us. Hunter was so cute. It was awesome having Anthony there with the fam. Cherish made the best mac and cheese. And above all, God was on His throne smiling down at everyone giving thanks for the blessings He has given us!


  1. Why did Gpa write "blot" and "Aimie"? Haha

    Great stuff...Hunter looks like a little man in some of the pictures, literally.