life from my phone.

thank you Bottega Louies. This pizza was unreal. 
The fanciest salad i've seen. 

real friends don't let other friend's dreads get outta whack. truth! haha. Anneke has been dreading her hair for a few months now, so like the good friend that I am I helped "work" on them. And if you've ever helped a friend dread their hair...its pretty fun. try it sometime. 
three of the boys already had their birthdays in November...so their neighbors made them cupcakes.
 I have the best residents! 

 Community thrift store, thank you once again. You never fail us. 
Whether we find a Nemo costume, the perfect flannel, a Lakers practice jersey...or GIANT shoes. 
 Intelligentsia. Downtown pas....mmm so trendy. 
5 bucks of coffee. wowza. 

Well, let's just say life has been non stop around here. Between 5 classes, 1 lab, sign language tutoring, RA duties, staff meetings, planning events, coffee breaks, crafting (you get the point)...I am having way too much fun.This year has been such a blessing. Full to the MAX. I thank God for the people He has placed in my immediate path and the conversations that have sparked because of that. 
He is good. I praise Him for it all. 

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  1. Good stuff. Keep busy, study hard, enjoy your life to the fullest. And God bless you in all that you do!