giving thanks.

Last thanksgiving we ran. Yup, that's right...before filling our tummies with thanksgiving goodness..
we had to earn it first. By running 3 miles. oh joy
Despite the fact that we had to wake up early, my hands were frozen, 5year old children 
were running faster than me, and I felt sore for the next three days...it was one of the best memories I've had. 
I think what makes something like running in the Turkey Trot so memorable is the fact
 that youre actively doing something with the people you love. Those are the best days. 

The other day at school, before everyone headed home for Thanksgiving break, 
we gathered at our friend Colton's place for a nice family dinner. 
We squeeeezeed everyone in, thanked God for his provisions..and ate! 
So much fun and a memory that made it all worth it. 

true dat!
looking forward to Thanksgiving 2011...cant wait!

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  1. hey, did you get everyone in the Family picture?