Dear Hunter,

...you're a little stud! 
I am super lucky to be your auntie and I get excited when I think about how fast you're growing and how big you'll be the next time I see you! You're probably the most photographed Komae, besides your auntie Stac who takes pictures of about everything she lays eyes on. haaahh. These are some of my favorite pictures of us...I love that last one : your first time in a pool! I can't wait until you are a little bigger so I can take you to get icecream and candy and be that super cool auntie that does all the fun/crazy stuff with their nieces/nephews..wooooo! Love you Bunter, see you in no time.
love, your Auntie Chanie

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  1. i love how when i need to remember how old hunter is, all i have to do is remember how long i've been married. from the EXACT date.

    may 27, 2011 buddies!!!!!