yes? no? maybe so? ...story of my indecisive life.

So here's the thing. My hair is in need of a change. or at least a trim.
it's getting pretty gnarly. and not in a good way.
so I arrive at a decision...a fork in the road...bangs or no bangs. 
that is the question.
for any normal person this would be easy peasy...but NOOOO I have to be that ridiculously indecisive person that can't decide! ARG. My dilemma is that I would love me some holiday bang swag...BUTTT I hate spending time on my hair and I dont want to worry about bangs getting all up in my face all day. 

I'm thinking it's just gunna hit me one day. 
i'll wake up and be like..."yes Amie, bangs it is" or.. "nope. not gunna happen."
i'll keep you posted.

for now i'll just keep staring at these pictures wondering if I really want to commit..hmmmmmm


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