life's a beach.

Staff excursion day!
Lucky for us..we got to spend the day, as a staff, at the beach..nothin betta!
The waves were rockin that day, so we spent a lot of time eating grapes and just watching the break. Optimum bonding time...you know. haha. They are such fun people to be around and I am so incredibly thankful for all of them and the role they will each play in this years University Park experience. I can really see how God orchestrated all of us to be so different, yet work so well together. 

 I love this pic of Nati Jane, in her element! 
 the boys on staff...they are so silly and so fun
top row is logan, chris, and brad. bottom is todd, colton, and our boss man Kelly!
 These are the lovely ladies that I get to "work" with :)
That is madi, Megan, Chaili (shay-lee), Katelyn, nati and myself

Also, I was able to take staff pictures of all of us for out "on duty" signs that we post up each night. Kinda like out glamor shots haha. It was so much fun and I loved taking Joel around..and praise the Lord he wasn't ruined by the sand. haha. 

ANDDDDD....to end with my favorite picture of the day. I apologize in advance for the fact that I creepishly took this photo of a child I do not know. BUT COME ON...this little surfer babe is just too much! Nati Jane and I were dying when we saw this...AHHHHH!!! 

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