preview: yacht club 2011


first off. I did not take this picture. Chadwick (Chaili's.."shay-lee's husband) let me use his MIGHTY FINE lens last night to shoot at our event. I freaked out. this is just too good to be true.

secondly, Yacht club was a complete success. It was our HUGE event of the year. we had over 1,000 students come, raising A GRIP of money for Walk In The Light foundation out of South Africa. Praise the Lord!

I am pooped right now and need to sleep.
so here's the best pic of the night thanks to Chadwick's lens :)
more to come once I sleep, finish my homework, work on the wedding video..etc etc!


  1. so did you or did you not take the picture?

  2. yeah, so the lense took the picture?
    Can't wait to hear more about this event...sounds awesome!