So..we had our first official event here at UP on Sunday.
We had a Hawaiian-ish themed party full of snacks, games, prizes, and a lot of sun! 
It was such a blast planning the event, and even more fun seeing the residents come out for a day of just kicking back and enjoying the nice pool we have here. so here are some pics from the day. 
 Perfect pool party snacks. chips, veggies, and fruit. mhhmm.
 my crazy staff (minus Madi) We all decided to dress like lifeguards. 
we thought it would be kinda funny
 someone found this GIANT beach ball to play with. and it was so fun. hahah 

Nati Jane and I with our grass skirts...and this photo on the right are my lovely residents Brady, Scott, and Jamarko. silly boys. 
 what's a pool party without a belly flop contest?
 and a hula hoop content as well..duh. 
 now this game was great...the toothpick game.
someone swims down and drops a toothpick..then everyone stands on the outside and the first person to dive in a grab it wins. hilarious because when you dive in that little sucker floats all around..hahaha. 
 Nati's bf Marty came to visit! 
 The view from outside my apt door. 
 getting creative with the grass skirts. RASTAFARII BRAHHHH. 
We were so pumped after the party ended.
it went smoothly, everyone had a blast, and we were all just so stoked for how this year is going to turn out. WOOOHOOO!


  1. Looks as if a great time was had by all. And isn't it just marvelous how many unique ways God found to configure the human foot?

  2. this is a great post - diggin the pics SWAK! (sealed with a kiss, of course)