Camden turns 1!

In typical Komae fashion we had an over the top birthday party at a park in Redondo beach with a bounce house, taco truck, portos cake, insane hand made poster (props to Auntie Julie), yogurtland party favors, and a ton of our family and friends there to celebrate.

When I was a kid I had a few crazy parties like mom hires a petting zoo to come to our house and also mom hires a reptile man to come do a show in our backyard. So I think its safe to say our family holds nothing back when it comes to birthday parties...and the bar is set high for the day I have kids and have to plan their birthdays! 

^like I said...insane poster made my A.Julie...the ONE is made of photos of Camden! 
^Yogurtland giftcards as party favors!! scute. made my mom & a.Julie.
^Cam and his great-grandparents :)
^and best gift goes to the Lams who got Cam a mini hockey stick + net set and a Kopitar shirt! 


  1. Great photos, Chan. Kristi gets props for helping with the favors, too - and for her decorating skills! Team Camden did a great job - you girls will all just have to help each other out for your kids' parties!

  2. haha a whole petting zoo??!! i love it!! those tacos looked soooo good. happy bday camden!