the lost files.

--A year ago today I was in the top floor apartment of one of the tallest buildings in Gulu. 

Three other expats lived there and they had invited all of us over for a Superbowl 48 party. Now, taking into consideration the time difference, the game started at roughly... 2AM local time. ouch. 

Combine the facts that the game was a blowout, we didn't get the channel with the American commercials, the power went out twice, oh yeah and the fact that the game went until 4am - it was quite a long night. Yet, despite all this craziness, I felt a deep sense of patriotism and unity celebrating the superbowl with the rest of America. The distance between that apartment and U.S soil seemed to close in that night...as if 9,000miles weren't so far after all. 

Actually, the best part of this memory is that the three guys who lived there weren't even Americans, they were British. 

haha. picture that. 
A 2am Superbowl party hosted by three british guys on the top floor of the nicest apartment building in the middle of Gulu Uganda. 
I couldn't have made that sentence up if i tried. 

Anyway...this all made me a bit nostalgic about my time in Gulu. These memories I hold near and dear to my heart, and I realize theres a lot of photos i've yet to go through. I thought i'd share some of these "lost files"...a few imperfectly perfect shots that trigger a flood of tiny memories.

 ^jam packed car on the drive to Women's day parade.
 ^Ugandan mothers
 ^a sea of eyes at a local parade.
 ^school Uniforms for the next generation
 ^Samuel and Lulu. 
 ^on the walk home from Bomah hotel.
 ^Ugandan's version of Ralphs
 ^hey buddy
 ^water cooler talk
 ^my all time favorite ring I lost in the Nile river...and the best coffee in town
 ^the wall Maddy and I found 
 ^Lenny and his puppy eyes! 
 ^found this on the ground in town...currency travels far 
 ^this was a really hot day, yet Ugandans have such a coolness about them
 ^Lucy and her laugh. We greeted eachother every morning with a "whastup dawg!"
 ^the man that holds everything together: Bosco. 
^where they filmed the Lion King. 

*cough cough* go seahawks! 

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