Burres wedding

I remember my first week at APU very vividly. I was placed in Adams hall, the second room from the end of the hallway, with some girl named Abigail. Our hall was shaped like a square with about 4 rooms to each side and on one of our first nights we played a get to know you game with everyone, and I sat next to my roommate Abigail (who soon became known as Abbie) and a girl named Morgann. Morgann was wearing comfy sweat pants and a sweatshirt from her high school sports team. my kinda girl.The next day I remember all going out to dinner to the caf together, where I met Morgann's roommate, Cat. I noticed her because I liked the shirt she was wearing. Morgann and Cat soon became friends with Abbie and I...and we found ourselves doing pretty much everything together. 

The four of us became a weird, randomly close quartet that awkwardly meandered through the hallways of APU. 

We ate together, watched movies, laughed about the boys we had liked in high school, we survived biology as a unit, we sat next to each other in chapel, and we eventually moved into an apartment our sophomore year together where we really go to know one another. We knew who's toothbrush was who's, we knew that abbie always got her trader joe's o's and that morgann loved her rice cakes with peanut butter on them. We knew when each other classes were, we met each other families, and sat next to one another through some really though times. 

Who knew that through our friendship we would be able to stand next to Cat as she married the love of her life (Trevor) and two years later get to stand by Morgann as she married the man God intended for her (Nathan). Such a sweet moment to share with three of my dearest friends. Cat, Morgann, and Abbie...you girls are not only my college roommates, youre my sisters, three of my best friends, and three women who I admire so deeply! 

So with that being said, here's to a weekend full of friends, family, love, laughter, good music, pretty dresses, and a reminder of Christ's love for the Church and His intent for marriage! 

the Green family treated us to a delicious salad bar!
Red and Courtney, these two are so much fun 
we rode around in the "swag wag" all weekend with old school seats that turn around!
the bride!
we even took a limo into the city for the Bachelorette party!
pretty view of downtown 
setting up for the wedding
This was so great...Morgann's mom treated all of us to mani/pedis and one thing Morgann
just cant stand is someone touching her feet! hahaha
mother and daughter 
the swag wag
the cutest kids that were in the wedding!
Court did Morgann's hair for the wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL. 
Morgann's pastor Gino married her and shared a special moment with her right before the ceremony
the flowers were gorgeous! 
I love this moment 
10 minutes before game time...the nerves were coming so we danced it off!
such an amazing bridal party!

AAANNNDDD....thats a wrap! I love wedding. I love friends. I love washington. I love it all! the best weekend! And more photos to come from the second half of my trip at the sun housE!

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  1. alright i totally teared up reading that.

    ames, so SO SOOO well said about our friendship--oh sorry i mean sisterhood :) i'm so blessed to have you in my life and stand by me through the good and bad. gosh that weekend and these pictures bring me so much joy!

    la da dee da dee we like to party