to sit with God.

"I am not trapped in the grip of blind forces, nor am I tossed about on an ocean of chance...but I am being trained in the school of God's providence. " - Alistair Begg

*thanks sissy for sharing such a good word*

I'm considering naming my first child Alistair. Jk. I'm sure the name was created to be said in a British accent. But anyway...how dope is that word from Alistair Begg! For young post-grad's like myself it's so easy to feel like we're just being tossed about on an ocean of change...one job posting to the next...one friend group to the next...la la la...or to feel like we're being trapped by these blind forces that come out of nowhere and knock the wind out from us...


we are actually being trained in the school of GOD'S PROVIDENCE. hallelujah amen! Thats a beautiful picture. God has a great big plan for all of us- and that plan is....drumroll....to make us more like His son JESUS. I feel that. I receive that truth and I pray that it covers all of us in the moments when we feel tossed at sea and in an endless chaos of uncertainty. The very glamorous Gwen Stefani had it right when naming her band...for there is No Doubt that God is equipping us in the academy of His providence and glory! 

I'm very thankful that my times are in His hands. 

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