: a familiar or usual setting : congenial environment; also : the focus of one's domestic attention. 
:the place or region where something is native or most common. 

Isn't it crazy to think about the fact that your home, your house, is different than everyone else's in the entire world? No one has the same exact home as you. And even if you express the word home in reference to your home country, no one sees it exactly as you do, no describes it the exact same way you can.

And on top of that, every country you visit, every town you stop off in, every country you fly over - is someone's home. That fact alone has given me a deep sense of appreciation and respect for every place i've been able to see. All of these cities are the place where someone's fondest memories are held, where someone learned to walk, where someone attended elementary school, learned to ride a bike, found their friends, got married, had children...and these places may be foreign to me - but they're home to someone. 

I think thats a huge reason why I love being exposed to these far away lands. I feel so honored to step into people's homes, their neighborhoods, their restaurants, their airports, their taxi cabs and market places. So in respect to the idea of "home" here are some of the best homes i've ever been to...

Gulu, Uganda.
Samut Prakarn Provence, Thailand 
Bruges, Belgium 
La Push beach, Washington 
Bangkok, Thailand 
Gulu, Uganda 
London, England
Pisa, Italy 
Mekong delta, Vietnam 
Paris, France 

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  1. I love what you wrote in this post, Amie. And your photos are spectacular (the one of the bicycle through the doorway in Uganda especially caught my eye)!!