Deanna and Michael!

Deanna and I go back to summer 2010 when I was fresh out of my first year at APU and I somehow stumbled upon working at Forest Home. Deanna was my roommate that first year at camp, and I remember immediately liking her laid pack personality and gentle spirit. There was one night when we all decided to watch some scary dramatic movie (Momento, I believe) and I remember feeling really heavy after... and I couldn't fall asleep. Deanna was up in her bunk bead and turned around...looked at me and said, "well let's read our Bibles then!" She knew that we needed to ask the Lord to lift the evil spirit off of us, and we did just that.

Thats how i'll always know Deanna to be, someone gentle and peaceful - yet so fierce in the spirit of God. I love that about her...and I love that the Lord has blessed her with a man to compliment and enhance that in her! These two are radical people, and after their honeymoon they are heading up to Redding CA to be filled and equipped in ministry to bring all that glory back down to Southern Cali.

I was thankful for spend the day documenting their love (via videography) and i'll be posting that work once I'm done with it! For now though, I wanted to share one of the few stills I took yesterday.

Congrats to Mr & Mrs SKOLOS!

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