a letter to school.

Dear school,

Lets see...the first time we met I was a teeny tiny kindergartner learning how to stand in a single file line with my best friends Bailee and Sam. I remember thinking you were cool, mostly because of the arts and craft bins in Mrs. Nakitani's class. I enjoyed swinging on your swings and the occasional movie in the caf when it rained. We got along well throughout elementary school and soon enough we met again at Casimir middle school. There you taught me that I was definitely not gifted in the math department, and that classes are way wayyyy more fun when you have a rad teacher, like Mrs. Larson. I learned how to dissect a frog and state the preamble, but mostly you were starting to show me who my best friends were going to be.

Then we met again, at North, where we spent A LOT of time together. Class, basketball, student council, repeat. We hung out all the time, probably more than I hung out at home, and I came to love you. I loved being challenged in U.S History, I loved sitting by my friends in algebra class, I loved lunch on the quad and 6th period basketball, I loved dances, assemblies, fundraisers, ASB events  - I loved it all. I found my group of friends and we adventured through your hallways wondering who we would become and how long it would take to grow up. You gave me a platform to express my faith in Christ, and I began to see that my way of life was going to look a lot different than most. So, once we decided to part after high school...I had a nice summer off before we met for the last time - at APU.

APU was a rad experience. At APU you really pushed me. You challenged me in ways I didnt think I could be challenged. You taught me more about the Bible, about Christ, leadership, faith, communication, humanity, stories, life, and identity in those four years...and I am eternally grateful. Not only did you provide me a college education at APU, but you introduced me to more best friends, sisters, you took me on adventures to the wilderness, on road trips, and visits to people's homes.

So...I'm writing to you to tell you thank you. And to let you know that although we do not have another set time where we will meet, I am thankful for all you have taught me. After 16 years of meeting with you each fall, this year will look a lot different, but that is okay! I will take what you have taught me and I will run forward, chasing after Christ and what He has planned for me.

Thank you, school. You've been a huge part of my life story and I will miss you deeply, but you'll always be a part of some of my fondest memories and a huge contributor to the person I am today.


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