Bangkok, Thailand.
Russ, Jen, D, and I flew into Thailand for a few days in the city. We arrived to the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and quickly had to find our way around. Our first day was spend in search of this one specific suit shop that Russ and D wanted to go to, finding our hotel, being so hungry and searching for decent food, then crashing after an incredibly long day. Day II we woke up and knew we wanted to go on some type of tour. After walking around and seeing the Golden Buddah..we found a day tour that took us to...drum roll.....Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo!

the most unexpectedly-awesome thing we saw in Bangkok. We got a private driver to take us the hour or so out of Bangkok to this Crocodile farm. I think most of us were expecting a few animals here and there....but little did we know that this would end up being one of the COOLEST experiences ever! 

 right when we arrived we made it to the "Crocodile wrestling show" not a joke!
 not normal
 I fell in LOVE with the tigers there. Never have I been so close to a wild animal....and 
just staring at them so closely I realized how BEAUTIFUL tigers are. 
 D and the baby elephant!
 The elephants come around and the audience feeds them bananas and cucumbers,
and they also take money and place it in their trainers pockets. smart animals.
These bears were hilarious..basking in the sun all day haha. 


  1. AHHH!! Beautiful animals! Beautiful pictures! Beautiful people!

  2. Amazing animal adventures! Did animal-lovin' Hunty get to enjoy this?