that time my roommate got engaged. (preview)

Yesterday my roommate got engaged in the craziest//most fun//extravagant way...aka an all day scavenger hunt that led us all around southern california and eventually to the park behind our house where Brad got down on one knee and asked katelyn the biggest question he ever could.

lucky for me I was along for the ride (literally, I was the driver) all day and did my best to capture ever moment. I'm currently sorting through all the photos and cant wait to share the FULL story later.

for now, back to reality. (as you can see this past weekend has been a whirlwind of fun!)
also may I mention that yesterday was one of the most beautiful days thus far in 2013...gorgeous weather!


  1. Ohhhhh...romantic! I really want to see the pics on this one!

  2. What a tease!!!

    But seriously, you are studyig over there, aren't you?

  3. Yes, Amie, stop teasing. We want the whole story with lots of pictures!