One of my roommate's names is Natalie. We call her Natty Sue. When her and I became friends we soon realized a strange similarity between our two families. As we got to know each other more the similarities only increased...and today i'd like to share with you all the Straw + Komae story. 

-we are the youngest of four siblings.
-boy, girl, boy, girl.
-her oldest brother is 31. My oldest brother is 32
-her sister is 29. My sister is 30
-her brother is 25. My brother is 26.
-we are both 21

-Natty's oldest brother is married to a girl named Jen. 
 My oldest brother is married to a girl named Jen.

-Natty and her oldest brother are similar (people always tell her that). 
 My oldest brother and I are also very similar, mom tell us all the time.

-natty's sis-in-law is about to have the first grandbaby of the family
my sis-in-law had the first grandbaby of our family.

-Natty's sister is 10 years older than her and they are super close. 
 She was also her sister's maid of honor in her wedding...same as me.

-Natty's sister was married a few years ago, the weekend of September 20th. 
 My sister was married this past year on September 22nd. 

-Natty's sister is going to try to have a baby this summer. So is my sister

-Natty's other brother is a bit different than the rest. The free spirit. He is currently living/going to  school in San Fransisco. 
We always joke that my brother D is different than the rest of us (not in a bad way) and he went to  SFSU for a few years. 

-Also, Natty's brother who is in SF dated a girl who had a kid. D...sound familiar? 

-These similarities have caused Natty and I be the same. We dont like to go places alone, we never  know what to cook for dinner, we like snacks and junk food, we like when people help us and tell us where to go to what to eat...we love our siblings :) :) 

anyway...i'm sure this isnt the last of the similarities...we're hoping her niece that is about to be born can marry Hunter when they're older to connect the two families forever..hahaha! so crazy and so fun. 

Natty's sis-in law, oldest brother, Natty, Dad, Mom, brother-in law, Sister, brother
brother, brother, sis-in-law, nephew, sister, brother-in-law, Mom, dad, me.


  1. Even though you look nothing alike, that's a doppelganger of a different type.

  2. crazy talk. how can all those things be real!?! friendship of destiny.

  3. Now that is interesting! And, I found out some things about you and your family that I was not aware of...hmmmm...
    Those are a couple of beautiful family shots, too!