Next year we're living in a house together.
all 8 of us.
somehow it all worked out. and I love it.
these girls ROCK. they are all such amazing people. 
so here's a little bit about them:

(in no particular order..) 

 1. mahh girl Anneke. We met freshman year in english class. Turned out we both loved 
playing basketball..so took basketball P.E together and the rest is history. Anneke hails from the 
windy city (chicagooo), is always late (love her), and is one of the  most rational, decisive people 
I know and I greatly respect her for that. 
She also has dreads. holler. 
 2. none other than...Megan O'Brien. all star singer, all star healthy food chef, all star jokester and 
all around WINNER. Megan is one of the most passionate people I know
 and folks are just drawn to her charisma and energy. 
She laughs LOUD...sings BEAUTIFULLY..and loves the Lord! 
 3. Katelynnnnn! One of the chillest people on earth. Katelyn is one of those people that surprises you 
constantly. She seems quite, unassuming, gentle...and then you find out that she love to spontaneously
sing, dance, run around, go crazy, be weird..etc. Katelyn and I are on the same staff 
together (along with Megan and Natijane) and she's the type of friend I
 can just sit on a couch with and talk for HOURS about anything and everything. 
Such a listener. such a gem. 
 4. nati nati natiiijane. soul sista. we always order similar (if not the same)
 food at restaurants. it's weird if we go a few days not seeing eachother and 
we share a common interest in..yup..just about everything. 
she's teaching me how to surf (patient woman) and has the best collection of 
nail polish around. She's kind of the best. 
 5. roommieee now. Liana. Kids think we're the same person. She's only 1/4 Japanese
 but hey..
it works. Met freshman year in public comm class. 
Worked the past 2 summers together. and spent this 
whole year living together. what a DREAM! 
 6. miss ANNA! (sorry the picture is lame..I stole it from fb) 
Anna is currently Anneke's roommate..and she rocks. 
She's going to be a doctor one day..and loves her home state of Washington. 
Anna is one of the easiest people to get along with..she is so 
considerate kind..cant wait to live with her! 
7. last but not least..NATTY SUE!! (she's sitting next to me..front left) This little one..
I dont have a good picture of her (lame) but lets see..Natty sue 
and I have a long running joke that we have the same family.
 Which we do. boy girl boy girl...literally the same age gaps and we
 are both the youngest. We relate on a lot of levels because of 
that..and she is one of the quirkiest, silliest...steadfast people I know. 
A prayer warrior and a deep thinker. She rocks. 

talk about POWERHOUSE!!

one our prayer lists: finding a place to live. that is close to school and can fit all
8 of us. That the Lord would prepare all of us for living together...that His spirit
would just consume our house and that it will be a place of worship
and a place of comfort...but a place of growth and challenges.
that we would grow as friends and that we would learn to push eachother
closer to the face of God and that we would develop a sistaaaaahood!

S T O K E D. 


  1. Wow, it sounds as if your school experience just keeps on getting better and better, and totally blessed. I shouldn't be, but I'm amazed at how the Lord shows me, through you, the power of faith. God bless all of your roomies to be and your time together!

  2. The girls sound wonderful. I'll be praying for the right place to become available!
    Hey, didn't Andy meet Danny in her senior year at APU?

  3. Awesome post. I LOVE it.

    Can't wait to MEET THEM ALL!

  4. Crazy blessed, indeed! (Jo, you're funny ♥) Enjoy the craziness of it all with 8 of you under one roof!