it's been a while.
right now i'm sitting at barnes and nobel working on math homework/reading for Church History but the guy behind me keeps SNIFFLING every 2 second. It's driving me CRAZYYYY. Part of me wants to turn around and hand him a tissue? trying to blast my music so I don't have to hear sniffle mc sniffleson. annywayyyy...there has been so many list i've made lately. lists of things I need to get done, places I need to go, people I am praying for, people to email, assignments to turn in...you get the drill. Thankfully I have the Lord. I think I would crumble if I didn't right now. 
there is a lot to think about. and not a lot of space to do so. 
So today we're (my staff, our friends..anyone who wants) are fasting.
we're fasting because we've been running3727292 miles an hour and we need to PAUSE.
breathe in Jesus and breathe out grace. 
so...sniffle man, I will try and pray for your sniffles instead of complain about them.
I will try and spend my time with the Lord instead of walking to get lunch.
I will try be sustained by the word rather than by food. 
I will pray. and pray. and then pray some more. and then realize the Lord still want to talk to me.


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  1. So the picture is representative of what????