a pixelated life.

WOW. these past two weeks at camp have been UHHH-MAZING. 
(our camp theme is 'a pixelated life' on the life of King David)

we had our first round of campers...which means our first go at all our dances, skits, games, etc. We had churches from Arizona, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Glendale and Ventura all spend the week with us diving into the life and stories of King David. Week 1 of program was A BLAST! seriously. these kids rocked it. Our speaker, Jason Petty, talked to the kids about the different pixels of David's life. Some bright, beautiful, joyful, and splendid...and others dark, dim, sad, and just plain ugly. We all spent time reflecting on these many pixels that make up our lives...and rested in knowing that through it all God is, was, has been, and will always be present in every single pixel of our lives.

We were all sad to see the week come to an end...partially because that meant it was time to clean ALL of camp from top to bottom in 90 degree heat...but mostly because the worst part is saying bye to all the campers we grow so close to. 

Our motivation was knowing that the next week..meant a whole new round of kids :) and our week 2 of camp was EXTRA special....but i'll save that for another post.

for now i'll leave you with a few pictures from the past few weeks.
sadly we're not really allowed to take pictures during the week..mostly because of all the rules going along with parental consent and stuff...but the kids were just precious and I wish I could show you all we get to do! but here are some of the amazing people I get the chance to work with...haha...

This is at one of the boy's houses out in Newburry Park...we were all joking that we clean up nice (because we only see eachother sweaty, dirty, tired, and in athletic clothes) 

This is at the Camp Director's house...hahaha. We were babysitting Benny whos is 8. He was asleep by now so we decided to play with the dogs...Moses and Lucas. 

 4th of July parade in Ojai! 
Our staff went crazy. We have way too much energy for the average person and i'm pretty sure we got a lot of weird looks...but hey, it's fine because we GOT IN THE NEWSPAPER! yupp. the Ventura Star snapped a shot of a few of the staffies dancing. 

is this actually considered a "job"?? I'm having WAY TOO MUCH FUN!! haha
love you all!!

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  1. Great stuff, Amie. I pray that the campers all come away as blessed as you!