this would happen to me...

okay so..I just wrote a really LONG...in depth..descriptive...amazing post with all these pictures and lalalala...and then the computer freaked out on me and deleted it ALL :(

it took a lot out of me so now you guys will just have to live with one picture and a few prayer requests.
Right now our staff is at one of the girls houses in ojai playing just dance. Also, one of our guys on staff just ran into the screen door. HAHAHA.
anyway...you can all be praying that we have an abundance of energy going into this week of 150 middle schoolers...and you can all pray that the focus isnt on us this week but on Jesus!

love you all...there was a Huge Korean group here at camp this weekend and I was joking with my staff while looking at the small Korean children saying.."i miss my family." haha

this is us.."mulching" (sp?) basically putting more wood stick on the group to lessen the dirt around camp. that Liana...me..Julia..Lo..and Hannah. love these girls. I am in great company!


  1. Is it just this picture...or are you already a few shades darker than when you left Torrance?!?!? Bless you & the entire staff, Chanie!

  2. Hey Darkie, I miss you! BUt I'm glad you're in good company.

    Love, Mom

  3. you look BLACK!!!! Nice to see you are keeping the south bay glow. hahaha