Helloooooo blog! long time no talk.
so, week one of staff training has officially ended...and now we're on to another week of CPR training, first aid, program meetings, memory verses, skit rehersals..etc etc. Our staff this year is SOLID. as in...these people are awesome. so talented. so loving. and so much fun.

I can't wait till the campers get here so we can get the real fun started!
well, right now we're all relaxing using the internet...soaking in our time off.
here are a few pics from the first week of training.

hike to the punch bowls!
one of my favorite days of training. such a beautiful hike and the water felt amazing!

natural water slides might be one of the greatest things ever.
aside from the bazillion leeches that we had to aviod..and the freezing water...we loved it!

every year we have "family dinner" night where our staff splits up and goes out to dinner together in smaller groups. Lucky us..we got to go to the Finnerty's house. (that's mallory on the left, its her house) Hollys my boss, she's in the middle of us.

so stoked to see what this summer has in store for our staff.
these people are amazing and I feel so blessed to share this crazy fun experience with all of them.
sorry if my blog doesnt get much lovin in the next few weeks...i'll try and update when I can.

as of now...here's to Ojai Valley summer #2...WOOHOO!


  1. Joel misses you, and so do I, but it looks like you're having a blast!


  2. Whoa, I didn't really expect to see any new posts until after your stint at Forest Home. I guess I'll have to check in more often! God bless all of you!

  3. please post about your lifeguard training/experience. dude so mom's like 'I miss Amie being able to use Joel..I'm trying so hard but it's just not cutting it" hahhaha she's taking good ones though!