OH CANADA (part 2)

 On our second full day in Whistler we woke up to the foggy skies and rain drops on the windows. In socal, rain is the enemy and it's a great inconvenience to most of us (haha) but in Canada the rain is magical. Maybe it's the contrast between the foggy skies and deep green trees, or maybe its the freshness you can smell in the air...probably both. It's amazing and I was staring out the window in awe!
 The rain calmed down by 11am so we headed to Nairn falls, which I kept wanting to call "Narnia falls"
 Around the first corner we saw the length of the river that came out of the falls and...OH MY WORD...INCREDIBLE. The color of the water is something i've only seen in photos and refused to believe actually existed in real life. But here I stood, staring down at the unbelievably blue/turquoise water that looked more like a chlorinated jacuzzi than a naturally blue freezing river in the middle of a Canadian forest.
 Not to mention the GREEN color of the plants there. GREENER than any GREEN i've ever SEEN!
 It's was a beautiful and breezy 1.5km hike.
After that we went back to eat lunch, rest, and then head off to fishing! I didn't bring my camera on the boat for fear of dropping it in the icy water - so I only took gopro and phone pics. 

The next day...
 Dad and I went were up early and went on a walk near our condo. Just 5 minutes away was this amazing cabin hotel that bumps into a lake. Can you imagine staying here? WOW.
 Banana slugs!
on our walk we stopped to get starbucks hot chocolate which is infinitely better in a cold Canadian city than it is back home.

After a nice morning walk we packed up and headed out of Whistler back to vancouver. I was bummed to leave but the good thing was, we had a few amazing stops on the way to the airport.
First off...Shannon falls.

Last stop...Capilano Suspension bridge!
This place is a favorite of mine, mostly because I distinctly remember coming here as a kid and being terrified of the bounciness that comes from the bridge being totally suspended over a massive ravine.
 The engineering of this place is truly incredible and I really started to guess my career choice...should I pursuit treehouse/bridge building? haha.
 They've really added a lot since I was here as a kid...and the place feels more like Disneyland than anything. They have treehouse bridges everywhere and you could literally spend hours climbing through the maze of wooden creations.
 They also have a few industrial steel bridges built which are much more stable than the suspended ones haha. This one is particularly cool as it is somehow held in place by one steel rod in the middle of a rock. yowzah.

Well, that concludes our Canadian adventure. I have many more photos on my goPro that i'll include in the next post.


  1. BLUE blues, GREEN greens...and I'm sure it is more amazing in person - thanks for sharing! So nice of you for sacrificing and going with your dad - ha!