OH CANADA (part 1)

Growing up a socal girl i've always had a love/hate relationship with cold weather (mostly hate). 70+ degrees is livable for me, anything below that - freezing. But alas, as time goes on i've been able to visit a few colder places and the idea of chilly mountain air and a pair of cozy hiking socks has actually become more and more appealing! My recent trip to Whistler, BC pretty much solidified that claim and now I find myself scheming up my next mountain adventure. 

And on top of all of this...isn't it crazy to think that God, the creator of all heaven and earth, created every lake, every mountain, every leaf on every tree, every flower, every cloud in the sky and brush of color across the sunset. That. Is. Amazing.

Welcome to Whistlers,

 Dad and I flew into Vancouver and then drove the 1.5 sea to sky road to Whistler. This had got to be one of the most scenic and beautiful drives in all north america!

 We stayed at this AMAZING condo 5 minutes outside Whistler Village. We forsure had the best view and the biggest patio deck. 
It was so great to spend time with the Cumbies and Jomo. They've all been friends with my parents for quite some time now (40yrs?), and it's really cool for me to see the hospitality and generosity they give in their friendships with one another. I can only pray my friends and I can turn out like this!
 I could sit here all day!

next up...Bradywine falls
 We took a short walk...5 minutes...to check out Brandywine falls. There are trails all around this amazing waterfall so we hiked up and around a little to capture the glory that is the forest! 

next....the famous Whistler Blackcomb!
This spot is where they had a lot of the winter games back in 2010. It's June, so the snow was dwindling down but for my souther California eyes it was still BEAutiful to look at. We took the Peak2Peak gondola 20 minutes across the mountain tops to check out more breathtaking views and fill our lungs with the freshest mountain air.
 Glass bottom floor on the gondola...crazy looking straight down to see the tops of thousands of trees. 
natures stripes.
 not a bad view for lunch eh?
 After a cold day hiking and on the mountain top...I was searching for some good Poutin to try! I've heard a lot about this Canadian delicacy (their version of chili fries) and I finally got my hands of some french fries, cheese curds, and gravy! It's not the most spectacular snack...but it makes a lot of sense because what is better after a day freezing in the snow that a nice hot plate of gravy fries! 

See what I mean?? The cold mountain life really hooks yah! 


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  2. now that you've scoped out so many areas...you need to take me.....! hahaha