^went to downtown to check out  Peddler's Creamery. Strangely, I felt like a tourist in my own city! haha..just goes to show how little time I spend in downtown. Hopefully this year I can venture there more often and check out all the hidden gems to be found! 
^Peddlers is an icecream shop where they churn the icecream using bike-power! Really cool idea..and the icecream was so good! Nothing like that homemade deliciousness. 
^I just stuck with dark chocolate and vanilla. yummm.
^If you peddle for 20minutes you get a free scoop of icecream! haha. 
^love the buildings in downtown.

Also...yesterday I went paintballing *correct word?* to celebrate Kacy's birthday. During Christmas we had this grand idea to do something crazy for her bday and we thought - what could be fun for 9 girls to do on a rainy saturday in January...paintball!
^no one in our group had gone paintballing before...so it was pretty fun suffering through the unknown together. It was actually really nice that it was overcast and rainy because we had to wear so many layers anyway! I cant imagine playing in the heat. 

^hahaha we look pretty legitimate here. The best part was the workers let us play on our own small field so we played 4 on 5 for a few rounds. At that point we could yell at eachother "I see Kacy over on the right!" or "Lithe you shot me in the vest!"...which made for a really fun battle. Some of us got hit pretty bad, a few bruises here and there because those paintballs fly FAST but nothing too bad. We did get pretty muddy though, and im sure all our legs will be sore today after crouching behind all the barriers and running around like crazy trying to not get hit. haha. 
^to remedy our long day on the battlefield we treated ourselves to soon tofu aka AMAZING KOREAN TOFU SOUP. I could eat this everyday. I'm Thankful to have friends who are willing to spend all day running around in mud shooting paintballs at eachother and then spend the night eating tofu soup and icecream. amen! 

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