Christmas in black and white

We kicked off the festivities with Komae Christmas and spent the night eating really good food and chasing all the 8 great-grandchildren around the house (phew. i'm tired just thinking about that craziness). Then on Christmas day all the siblings gathered to eat a big breakfast here at home and we surprised the kids with the playset that Dad and I set up in the backyard. After a morning of exchanging gifts and watching the kids open all their cute stuff (Christmas is so much more fun with babies!) we cleaned up for moms side of the family festivities. Technology really came in to benefit us as we were able to skype with the Hans, who are living in Colorado, and they were able to watch the kids perform their talents live! (as tradition goes all kids have to perform a talent in order to get their gifts).

This year I was just so thankful for the extended family God has blessed us with and the celebration of the birth of our Savior! And, also I will say that it was so great to have Grandpa and Grandma around for all the activities. Just think - my grandpa was born in 1918 and Camden was born in 2014! crazy!

His faithfulness continues through all generations. - Psalm 100

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