favorite videos.

I love when I find rad videos on the web. Here are few of my recent favorites.
I aspire to be all of these people.

^Mom and I watch the voice every week and when Craig Wayne Boyd sang this song last week I think we both stood up and started cheering like we were watching his concert. ha! The best part was when Pharrell said, "how does it feel to be at the top of your game - and to surrender it all to God in front of millions of people?" WOW. needless to say - I hope Craig wins the voice!

^I found this video on my favorite art website (this is colossal) and was in awe of this man's craftmanship and literally perfect paintings on these Japanese Kokeshi dolls. Its mesmerizing watching the wood spin and be cut by one tiny touch of a blade. SO COOL. 

^For those of you who haven't seen this yet - my bro in law Ant was a part of this incredible work of art. Its truly beautiful when the gopsel meets talented artists and powerful storytelling...things like this are formed. Every line of this poem is so captivating. Encouraging yet haunting all at once.

^Vimeo is such a well currated place for videos and this one hit the nail on the head. Samaritans purse has their hand in every disaster that strikes, and this short film really paints a beautiful picture of when its like to engage with the people youre helping and find out about the hobbies that keep them smiling - keep them unified. 

^this one just put a huge smile on my face ahhhhh! This video was made by Hurley, and all I know now is that I need to go meet this kid.

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