"where did you come from??"

As many of you know... i'm home for summer. Back in the good 'ole t-town. Living the dream in the room I grew up in...the house I love so dearly...and all of the many faces that walk through the Komae house on a daily basis. Today my mother said to me (after I showed her the ridiculously cute new top I got from target)..."Where did you come from??" (yes, that is a direct quote) She was referring to the "hippie" style she sees my closet becoming...and my response.. "maaaaam (in annoying child voice) if only you saw the people I live at school with!" Now if you go to APU...you know what I mean. 

anyway...im rambling. my point is that its funny being home. Sleeping in my same bed, same room, eating at the kitchen table i've grown up around...and yet I can tell, and so can my mother, that I have changed. Through the past 3 years...the Lord has continued to mold me, shape me, and water my soul through His word and through the people He has placed in my life....and it's quite evident in this new... "you look like a San Francisco Kid bum" (direct quote from my older bro..who lived in SF for a few years) I am continually grateful for the people God has placed in my life...and the way they have, in many different ways, taught me that where the spirit of the Lord is THERE IS FREEDOM! even if that freedom means not really caring what people think of your clothes...or that you buy everything from a thrift store! hahaa. 

so. cheers to being home. to learning and figuring out who I am. to old friends and new friends...and people who have influenced me..and continue to do so daily. Cheers to routine, to tradition..but most off..cheers to change. to growing up even if its painful. and to the crazy cool path God has me on.. even if that means I dress like a hobo. regardless, I am thankful.

and to end with a quote I saw today...(dont know who its from)
"some people are so poor...all they have is money."

(now...for more people who classify as.."where did you come from??")


  1. frankly, i like it. don't change.

  2. But you didn't post a pic of the "ridiculously cute top".........

  3. ahhaha duuude sick shoes. originalsss. and yayaya i love your new style! low key. i secretly wanna dress like a hipster. LOL LOLLL. true story. i tell my lb people all the time. O_O

  4. I dig.
    http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=komaeism (submitted by my coworker, Randy)
    "so is it popular now for shorts to have huge holes in them?" - elderly man grandpa K. born in 1915