roadtrippinn : Grand Canyon style

 ahhh...nothing like hitting the open road for a quick trip to the Grand Canyon. My friends and I decided that it was about time we laid eyes on this natural masterpiece...and called up a few friends in AZ to see if we could crash at their houses along the way. It pays to have friends in other states :) We dedicated our trip to my friend Ruth, the 98 year old lady I interviewed for one of my communication classes. While interviewing Ruth, I asked her what things stick out to her in her 98 years of life. (a lot can happen in a year...now imagine living 98 of those). Ruth told me that the she only remembers things that were either really sad, or really really fun. Ruth has also been in every single state, received a masters in social work, and was a head of the YWCA (young womens Christian association) for 50+ years. So I took the hint and went on an adventure. So thanks Ruth. Thanks for inspiring us to make some pretty rad memories. 
the crew: Liana (my roommate from this past year) Abbie (my roommate from freshman year and dear dear friend) and Colton (one of our best guy friends...hailing all the way from Molokai, HI) 
 shoes: $5 thrifted. 
 first view of the canyon.
 OOOO BOY!!!! 
 an incredible sunset. 
  We stayed at our friends house in Prescott (2hrs from the canyon) so on the way back he told us to drive through Sedona...best advice ever!!! 
 happy to be out of the car. in that sedona heat!! 
 after 2 semesters of classes...meetings every week...30+ residents always on the go...THIS was the ultimate vacation spot. We were fully ready to welcome summer. 
 stopped by the city of Jerome (thanks to Tyler for the hint). Jerome is this random little city on the way back to Prescott..apparently haunted or something. Anyway...it felt like a movie set, full of weird walls and cool doors. Best place for photos
The best part of the trip was that we really didnt have any plans. We decided to cruise on throughPrescott, the Canyon, and Flagstaff (visiting another friend) but besides that we wanted to take our time and stop if we wanted to. Stop if we saw a cool photo spot, or a person to talk to, or a cool place to eat. It was so liberating not being ruled by a schedule. We also made a rule on our trip...that no one was allowed to say "I dont care" or "I dont know". We challenged ourselves to be decisive. To pick something and run with it. To live off less money than we usually do, and to experience the beauty of spontaneity, adventure, and F U N. God kept us safe, He guided our paths and led us to some pretty unreal spots that we will never forget. All in all....an unforgettable trip. 

Thanks Ruth. 

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