shout out to the Biebs.

I feel no shame in admitting that I'm preeeeetty stoked to see the new Bieber movie out.

Mind you, I was always anti-biebs...but today Cat and I spent quite a while watching youtube videos of this kid. Don't worry, we're not really into his "baby baby babyyy" stuff.. we're more into stuff like this:

Now after watching this, we came to a conclusion that the kid is indeed talented. right??
but wait...
we then watched THIS....and were pretty sold on the fact that he has pure God given talent...
and an awesome mom...

So here's to you Bieber. I'm praying you won't get swallowed up by the schemes of pop-culture and the pressures that come from the entertainment business. God's given you a talent..use it boy! 

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  1. He's got a pretty good foundation in Mom, pray that it doesn't crumble.