over the "meal"

Today, February 9th 2011, I officially ate my first WHOLE cup of oatmeal.
See, I've been trying to do this for some time now. Oatmeal has always smelled incredibly delicious, but there was just something about the consistency/mush that was too hard to get over. Well folks, time's a' changin! Mom bought me this really good oatmeal and for the past few days i've smelled the deliciousness, put it in a bowl, but was only able to get through like HALF of it. I just kept hitting a wall.

BUT..today I managed to eat ALL OF IT! 
so here's to many more oatmeal filled days in the future. cheers

Get it?? over the "meal" like over the "hill" HAHAH. I crack myself upppp. 

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  1. This Gpa has always preferred oatmeal as a hot cereal. In fact he likes the old fashioned kind.