Hunter turns 4!

Four years ago (May 27th) I was wearing a pretty purple dress, worrying if the curls would stay in my hair, and standing at an amazing venue in Montecito, CA for my dear friend Cat's wedding! I remember the day vividly, not only because of the incredible Wedding celebration but also because that same day I received word that my first nephew, little Hunter Minh, had come into the world!! 

Cat and I joke that I'll always know the exact anniversary she's celebrating because I just have to look at Hunter's birthday cake. It's a very special memory I hold on to, and Hunter has really come into this world and changed us all for the better. He really is a spit-fire and this year he made sure I knew exactly what he wanted for his birthday: A cape, a magnifying glass, and plenty of surprise boxes (a youtube phenomenon).

Grateful to have this little cape-wearing 4 year old in my life!

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  1. Oh, how I love that cape! Good job, Auntie Bon Bon :)